Yearly Archives: 2011

Study morning 5

Psalmody in the Mass/The Graduale Parvum continued Date: 19th November 2011

Clergy night 4

Clergy night 4: How to sing the Mass in Latin – variable chants: Collects and Readings Date: 18th November 2011

Study morning 6

Sacred Language and Sacred Action: Latin and Vernacular/ Putting together Music for Mass Date: 26th November 2011

Study morning 4

Study morning 4: The Changing Parts of the Mass, the “proper” – introducing the Graduale Parvum Date: 05th November 2011

Clergy night 2

Clergy night 2 repeated Date: 21st October 2011

Study morning 3

Unchanging parts of the Mass; the “Ordinary” – Chants in the English Missal – Creed, Lord’s Prayer etc. Date: 15th October 2011

Clergy night 2

How to sing the variable chants of the Mass in English Date: 10th October 2011

Study morning 2

Music and Liturgy Date: 01st October 2011